Lucknow: Steps are being taken to implement National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh. The director general of police has directed the district police to carry out a thorough search and identify Bangladeshis and other foreigners, who need to be deported.

The district cops have been asked to conduct combing operations especially in slum areas and busy hubs including market-places to identify non-Indians and prepare a list of the same. Any individual with suspicious behaviour has been asked to be reported.

They have been asked to look keenly into the possibilities of foreigners staying in UP with fake documents. The officers have claimed that this operation is very important to ensure the internal security of the state.

Earlier, NRC was implemented in Assam and around 19 lakh people were identified as non-Indians.

CM Yogi Adityanath had earlier hailed the implementation of NRC in Assam. He had said that he wants to implement it in UP too.

"These things are being implemented phase-wise and I feel that when Uttar Pradesh will need an NRC, we will do so. In the first phase, it has been Assam and the way it is being implemented there, it can be an example for us," CM Adityanath had told reporters.

Meanwhile, speaking on the matter, home minister Amit Shah said that those identified as non-Indians will not be thrown out of the country.

"I have come to assure the people of West Bengal that Indian govt is not going to force them out of the country. People are being misled on NRC, " said Shah speaking in Kolkata.