Bengaluru: Aren’t leaders made of legendary stuff? As the leader of a country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decisions, policies affect the fortunes and futures of 125 crore Indians. 

As the Prime Minister of a country, he ought to be above petty politics and anything that instils thoughts of partisanship with him. 

Cutting the long story short, Abhijit Banerjee, the Indian-born economist has been awarded the Nobel prize for his contributions in the field of economics and his endeavour to alleviate poverty. 

As the news broke, an entire nation congratulated him as it was a moment of glory not just individually, but for a collective conscience. 
Well, most of you know that Abhijit is a strong and vociferous critic of PM Modi. He has openly issued diatribes against Modi’s demonetisation and has not minced words criticising the economy which is in a bad shape. 

But true to his chair and filled with gravitas, PM Modi congratulated him, keeping aside all the politics and differences aside. 


On the other hand, former AICC president Rahul Gandhi too tweeted his congratulations to the winner, but what set him aside was that he refused to focus on the achievements and sullied it by correlating it to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 


You can see the differences for yourselves. One, a PM who wishes his critic in the most selfless manner and the other, a scion of the Congress playing the dirty game of politics. 
Sreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson said, “While PM praised Abhijit in a healthy manner, Rahul Gandhi chose to politicise it. Modinomics is working towards poverty alleviation. Abhijit’s efforts are much appreciated in this area.”  

For years together, Modi has been at the receiving end, facing massive humiliations from the Congress party. He was called Hitler, Ravan, Bhishmasur inter alia. But he has taken all this in his stride and absorbed them most efficiently. 

And lastly, the PM in specific and BJP in general, face flak for being a fascist regime. 

Now you tell us, who is the real fascist?