Bengaluru: At a time when the nation has shut down in a bid to thwart the spread of the dreaded coronavirus and struggles to regain normalcy, here is a story that will make you shudder, leave you ashamed and aghast! 

A priest in Kerala has been caught red-handed having sex with a lady in a church! 

The priest under the lens is Fr James Mangalassery. He was caught in a compromising position at a Catholic church in Vellayamkudi of Kattappana, Idukki district, Kerala. 
While other churches in the state have shut down, honouring the government’s order, the priest under question, it is said, invited the lady to the church in order to manifest his desire. 

But how did the incident come to light? Well, when the churches have shut down, the movement of the lady into the church did invite some attention. The parish people kept observing the lady and her movements with an intention to unearth something very doubtful. 

And as they continued to track her, they found the priest and the lady in a compromising position, right in front of the altar, adds 

Well, it is further added that the priest has had several such liaisons with women of the same parish.  

Incidentally, the lady is married and is a mother of two. 

This issue of this priest’s hanky-panky affair with a woman, that too in a church, comes at a time when several such allegations have been levelled against churches and they are finding it really untenable. 

Well, it is disgusting and disgraceful of the priest to resort to such dalliances. It certainly doesn’t behove a man of his stature, who the devotees look up to with reverence for guidance, to behave in such a way.