Bengaluru: Speaker Ramesh Kumar of the Karnataka Assembly is known for uttering some really distasteful remarks. A fortnight or so ago, he compared himself with a rape victim, who would be subjected to humiliations in the name of interrogation. The remarks came during the audio tape controversy involving former chief minister and current BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa.

Now, in what comes as another eccentric remark, the Speaker has said: “I don’t like to sleep next to a man. Maybe he (KH Muniyappa, MP from Kolar) loves to sleep with me, but I have no such desires. I am married to my wife. I would like to have a relationship with her alone.”

These remarks came as a reaction to KH Muniyappa’s earlier statements that MLAs and MPs may have some friction between them, but by evening, they would bury all their differences.

Going deeper into the issue, it was alleged that the Speaker and a number of alike-thinking people are dead against KH Muniyappa getting a ticket from Kolar for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. In this regard, a letter was shot off by Ramesh Kumar to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi not to give him the ticket, owing to his "flippant behaviour" in politics.

It’s a low-level fight between the two. It’s a known fact that Ramesh Kumar, who also hails from Kolar and KH Muniyappa, do not see eye to eye. They have always been taking jibes at each other.

It might be recalled that, in the aftermath of Ramesh Kumar comparing himself to a rape victim, there was massive outrage from several women groups. And owing to the massive pressure, Ramesh Kumar apologised and gave instructions to expunge the remarks.