Bengaluru: Just days after India decided to ban as many as 59 Chinese apps, Nikki Haley, the first Indian-American to serve in the US cabinet, has praised India saying New Delhi "is continuing to show it won’t back down from Chinas aggression". 

She said, “Good to see India ban 59 popular apps owned by Chinese firms, including TikTok, which counts India as one of its largest markets. India is continuing to show it won't back down from China's aggression."

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo too had welcomed the move. 

He had said, "We welcome India's ban on certain mobile apps that can serve as appendages of the CCP's surveillance state. India's ''clean app'' approach will boost India's sovereignty, will also boost India's integrity and national security as the Indian government itself has stated.” 

After the Galwan clashes, India decided to teach China lesson by banning these apps and hitting it hard on China’s economy. 

Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad today said, "Now you can hear about only two 'Cs' - Coronaviris and China. We believe in peace and solve problems through discussion, but if somebody casts an evil eye on India, we will give a befitting reply...if our 20 jawans have sacrificed their lives, then the toll is double on the Chinese side.”

Pompeo had earlier called China a rogue state. 

He had said, "The CCP isn't just a rogue actor in its own neighbourhood. It impacts us all.”

He had cited other examples of China’s rogue behaviour and said, "Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, what they're doing in India, what they've done in the economic zones along the Philippines and Malaysia and Indonesia and Vietnam, the coercion on Australia - when they had the audacity to demand that there would be an investigation of how this virus got from Wuhan to Milan, how this virus got from Wuhan to Tehran, how this virus got from Wuhan to Oklahoma City, and to Belgium and to Spain, and decimating the global economy."