Bengaluru: The Indian government has decided to hand over the investigation of the Bengaluru riots to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). 

Reports add that as many as 280 people have been booked under the strict UAPA. 

This revelation was made in the Karnataka high court as it was hearing PILs seeking transfer of the probe to the NIA and compensation for the ones who suffered the consequences. 

The CCB have arrested a person with the name Samiuddin who is alleged to have had links with the Al-Hind Organisation. 

A note on the rampage created by mob:

Last month, a mob of around a thousand youth, burnt down the house of local Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy and also set fire to the local police station. They also torched more than 20 vehicles.

The outrage was an alleged consequence of a mocking post on Prophet Muhamad on social media.

Reports add that the police did not register an FIR when the mob approached them, but asked them to give it in writing. The delay, allegedly upset the mob, which allegedly led to the vandalism.
However, many have expressed their doubts over this theory. They believe that the entire incident was pre-planned and carried out to perfection. The post was just an ostensible reason.

A committee constituted to find out facts relating to the Bengaluru riots has revealed some startling facts.

The committee was formed by Citizens for Democracy, consisting of retired judges, journalists, and bureaucrats.

As reported by a popular website, it has stated that the local populace was actively involved.

It said, “Despite attempts being made to project the same as political rivalry, it was undoubtedly communally motivated. The Committee is of the opinion that based on the kind of houses that have been attacked and people who have been targeted, the motive of the riots could also be fear mongering so as to change the demography and turn the area into a Muslim majority one.”