Bengaluru: Let’s accept it. There is a section of media out there who wantonly indulge in a smear campaign against PM Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah. 

They are always using all the paraphernalia at their disposal to somehow portray the BJP in general and the duo of Modi-Shah, in specific, as enemies of the nation. 

However, irrespective of their endeavours to show Modi-Shah in a bad light, the two have shown phenomenal skills to keep such pseudos at bay and go on with their activities, unhindered, with the knowledge that the nation is supporting them come what may! 

Take for example, the abrogation of articles 370 and 35A. The Congress, which ruled us for several decades, did not have the inclination to integrate Jammu and Kashmir with India. And as expressed in its manifesto, the BJP, headed by a telic PM and home minister, went for the kill! 

Years and years of stepmotherly treatment was cut in one go on August 5 as the Parliament ratified the Presidential order. 

But the pseudo media was at it again! Even to this day, Modi-hating journalists have not left any stone unturned to paint a gory picture of the supposedly inhumane conditions that exist in the newly formed Union territories. Unfortunately, these so-called journalists have also managed to draw international attention over the issue, while the matter is purely internal. 

But as the attempts go on, Modi and Shah have remained absolutely insulated. They have not bogged down under pressure. 

There is another interesting case we must look into. Aatish Taheer is another Modi hater, who living abroad, didn’t dither spreading venom against Narendra Modi. 

As he went on ranting, the Union home ministry easily clipped his wings by revoking his OCI card. As expected, the pseudo media went ballistic, criticising the Modi government, but the government stayed resolute, not kowtowing to the demands of the “sickulars”. 

These are just two incidents to show that the Modi-Shah duo have worked with neither fear nor favour nor have they gone down on their knees, succumbing to the massive pressure. 

Let’s see what’s on their agenda 2020!