New Delhi: In today’s age of fake news where everyone and everything is deemed a casualty, Network 18, a big conglomerate has fallen for the trap. Through its many arms, the news network ‘broke’ news of marital discord between the Tripura chief minister Biplab Deb and his wife, and the organisation even went on to allege that a domestic violence complaint had been filed against Deb. 

It would have made for sensational news in peak poll season if it hadn’t been fake news. Niti Deb, the alleged victim, took to Facebook to say, “All such news are like…ohh yeah kya hua?? Kab Hua?? Mujhe pata bhi nahi chala??? (When did it happened? How did it happen? I didn’t even know about this?)

By the time she made a statement, the news had been broadcast everywhere, without due diligence. Faced with embarrassment, CNBC-TV 18 deleted its original tweet and accepted its misjudgment. 

But, another wing of Network 18, still has the story up on its website and the headline reads, “Tripura CM Biplab Deb accused of domestic violence by wife”. The website has also quoted CNN-News 18 as its source.

Quint too has lapped up the fake news and has quoted News 18. Janta Ka Reporter has run the same story, clearly shooting off CNBC-TV18's shoulder. The headline says, "Tripura CM Biplab Deb files for divorce in Delhi, claims CNBC-TV18, deleted earlier tweet claiming allegations of domestic violence".

A new left-leaning website news central 24'7 has also broadcasted the fake news.

Away from the fake news, the alleged victim is still coming to terms with the fact that she indeed is a victim of domestic violence, although she is unaware of it. She said, “Rumors have no mouth. Only dirty, filthy and sick minds generate for cheap publicity and mileage and importantly when paid high for spreading such dirty rumours to gain political advantage against influential people."