Bengaluru: Nepal will soon be receiving e-autos manufactured a PSU in Kerala. 

As reported by India Times, Kerala Automobile Limited (KAL) has manufactured these e-autos named Neem-G. 


The auto is a three-seater and comes at a price of Rs 2.85 lakh. These autos are being exported to Nepal at the same price. 

The website added that the battery can be charged in a matter of just 4 hours and can be charged through household plug.

As per Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, in the first phase, a total of 20 e-autos will be exported. Later, it is expected that 500 such units will be sold. 

"In the first phase, 25 units will be exported to Nepal. It is expected to sell 500 e-autos a year in Nepal. The Neem G auto has a mileage of 80 to 90 km in a single charge. The electric auto also has a partition in place to differentiate between driver and passenger, which will ensure safety in view of the spread of COVID-19," said the CM as quoted by the website. 

As Kerala sees a huge potential in these exports, it is also in talks with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to sell these e-autos. 

In related news, an auto driver from Chhattisgarh, who was finding it difficult to make ends meet due to the rising costs of fuel has installed solar panels on the roof of his auto. 

These solar panels charge the battery as the auto in on the move and help give him more mileage. 

However, we should also add that the installation of the solar plates did burn his pocket. He had to shell out Rs 40,000 for the same, but the investment is worth it as he is reaping rich dividends by harnessing solar energy that is free of cost.