India's first university for the transgender community will be opened in Uttar Pradesh's Kushinagar district. This university will facilitate the transgender community to study from class 1 to PG, and the community members can even do research and get a PhD degree. 

The university is being built by the Akhil Bharatiya Kinnar Siksha Seva Trust (All-India transgender education service trust). The president of the trust Krishna Mohan Mishra told media that this is the first university in the country where members of the transgender community will be able to get education and the process has already been initiated.

He added that from January 15, 2020, two children who are brought up by the community members would get admission, and from February and March, other classes will start. 

MLA Ganga Singh Kushwaha said members of the community will get education and will be able to give a new direction to the country.

"I am happy that we will be educated and get respect in the society. Education has power, and I am sure it will not only change our lives but also the lives of others," said Guddi Kinnar, one of the members of the community.