Bengaluru: Days after an infant was killed at the Shaheen Bagh protests due to, not just the harshness of the weather but also due to the harsher attitude of the parents, National Bravery Award winner Zen Gunratan Sadavarte has written to the Chief Justice of India Arvind Bobde, praying that kids be stopped from attending such protests. 

She has also invoked Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, saying it violates right to life. 

As quoted by a popular website, she states that the parents of the infant as well as the organisers of the Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ failed to protect the rights of the child. 

“The Shaheen Bagh protesters at New Delhi, include women, senior citizens, new-borns and children, ignoring the fact that new-born babies need a lot of attention and care as they cannot express their pains in particulars thereafter also ignoring the conditions unfavourable to the children, they are brought to the protest place which is violative of their child rights and natural justice,” quoted the website. 

The winner also alleged that the police too did not act in a fair manner and added that the cause of death was not mentioned on the child’s death certificate. 

Shaheen Bagh, which happens to be a repository of ill-conceived protests, pumped by sheer jaundiced and prejudiced views against the Citizenship Amendment Act, going for the last several weeks, had claimed its first victim, not only due to the harshness of the winter months in Delhi, but also due to the flippancy, inimicality of the parents, who are participating in the protests.

The death of the baby is not just a death of a future responsible human being, but also a death of sane thinking and values.

A popular website quoted its parents as saying: “We didn’t kill her. She was Allah’s child and she has gone back to Allah. Here even grown-up people are shot at, she was after all a child. She has sacrificed her life.”

Disgusting to say the least! And what propels such reprehensible propensity of the parents is the equally hostile media that fans the embers of Modi hatred.

As the protests are perennial, a section of the media, in its quest to plunder more views, and also to suit its agenda of pinning down Modi and Hindus every time it gets a chance, is triggering more such behaviour.