New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to share his blog on Mahatma Gandhi on Tuesday (March 12) — the day when he embarked on the Dandi March in 1930.

The Prime  Minister wrote, “Tributes to Bapu and all those who marched with him to Dandi in pursuit of justice and equality.”

The Dandi March, also known as the Salt March was a major nonviolent protest against the British Raj. After Indians were prohibited from producing or selling salt independently and were forced to buy heavily taxed salt, Gandhi and many of his followers marched to Dadri, a small town near Surat on the Arabian Sea coast. As they travelled, a hundred more joined the march. On April 6, Gandhi picked up a handful of salt from the seashore, thus technically “producing” salt and breaking the law.

The Prime Minister started his blog by saying how this march became a “strong symbol of fighting injustice and inequality” and was a powerful blow on the colonial rule.

However, the Prime Minister thereafter chose to shift his focus on Vallabhbhai Patel, who was an intricate part of the event but not many people know about his contribution.

“The organisational man that he was, Sardar Patel planned every minute aspect of the Dandi March, down to the last detail,” wrote the Prime Minister in his blog.

The Prime Minister wrote further that the British were so apprehensive about Patel that they arrested him a few days before the launch of Dandi March. The British hoped that this would scare Gandhi and he would cancel the march.

“Gandhi Ji taught us to think of the plight of the poorest person we have seen and think about how our work impacts that person,” wrote the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister went on to saying how the anti-thesis of Gandhian thought is the 'Congress culture'. According to him, the Congress has never hesitated from dividing society and triggered the worst caste riots and anti-Dalit massacres.

The Prime Minister also pointed out how Congress and corruption have become synonyms. The Congress has, as written by PM Modi, also filled their pockets with the money of the poor.

While Gandhi was also against the dynastic politics, the Congress follows the  ‘Dynasty First’ rule, added Modi.

The Prime Minister ended his blog by saying that Gandhi wanted to disband the Congress, which had no regard for democratic values, after 1947 as he understood the evil ways of the party. 

Unfortunately, the Congress, till today, has not changed even a bit.

“I would go to the length of giving the whole congress a decent burial, rather than put up with the corruption that is rampant,” said Gandhi.