Bengaluru: After MyNation took up the cause of a helpless Ola cabbie who was hounded by an AT Kearney employee Kanav Sharma for his views supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act, Ola has finally issued a message, assuring that it intends to penalise none of the two parties involved in the bitter conversation.

MyNation had relentlessly taken up cudgels on behalf of the aggrieved driver against whom the AT Kearney employee had complained.

Here is the tweet:


It is important to note that Ola has finally learnt to respect the differing opinions on any issue. After all, in a democracy, it is the healthy arguments and diversity thoughts that keeps it salubrious.

By late afternoon on Friday, Twitterati ripped apart the AT Kearney employee for having needlessly escalated the matter.

The employee was brought to his senses as Twitterati gave him a taste of his own medicine by tagging AT Kearney and questioning the company how they had employed such a character.


It all began when the AT Kearney employee took an Ola cab and began having a phone conversation on issues like the CAB. The Ola cabbie, in his enthusiasm to retort, took him on, squarely blaming the Congress for all the ills that India has been facing for the last 70 years.

The AT Kearney employee, in a mood to be vindictive, immediately, using his elitist mindset and privilege to use social media, alerted Ola authorities about the driver. Though the AT Kearney employee thought he would be teaching the poor cabbie a befitting lesson, it worked out to be counterproductive.

It was he who ended up being verbally bashed up and being taught the importance of variance in thoughts and opinions. Active Twitter users also schooled him on the importance of Freedom of Speech and Expression.