New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is 68-years-old, was still a child at heart as whenever he met his mother Hiraben, he would receive pocket money from her.

This disclosure was made in a freewheeling interview with actor Akshay Kumar at his 7, Lok Kalyan Marg residence in Delhi amidst the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.  

When Akshay had asked the Prime Minister, “Do you contribute something to your family from your salary?”, Modi replied, 'No, on the contrary, she sends me money. Whenever I meet her, she gives me 'sawa rupaye' (Rs 1.25). She doesn't expect anything from me. No government money is spent on my family."

Moreover, he also clarified, "But that doesn't mean I am not attached to my mother...My life has become such that the country is my family and that is how I operate."
Furthermore, the PM Modi also revealed why he doesn't stay with his mother or any family. "I was very, very young when I gave up all ties.” "Maybe when I left home at that age, I did feel troubled leaving my family, but not anymore," he said.

PM Modi met his mother Heeraben, 98, on Tuesday morning in Gandhinagar in his home state Gujarat, before heading to Ahmedabad to vote.

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