Bengaluru: The pandemic has exposed how unsafe the world can be, hasn’t it? Not just that, it has also exposed the financial frailties of the people. 

Fortunately, the world still seethes with people whose hearts bleed for the poor. 

As reported by India Today, a crowdfunding campaign raised to take care of transport staff of a Mumbai school has worked wonders. 

All thanks to the lockdown, many transport staff have lost their jobs, leading to bankruptcy. 

As the terrible news spread, a few noble souls took it upon themselves to arrange money for the staff. That is when the Not My Stop! Online fundraiser began. 

As part of the campaign, many students involved themselves enthusiastically. Some took dance classes and some even made heart-touching appeals on Whatsapp. For example, a girl called Shainaya put out an appeal on Whatsapp. 

Her appeal was an instant success as many contributed generously. 

She says, “I wanted to help since they are always there for us. They make us feel safe and secure when we are in the bus,” as reported by the website. 

In fact, a message too was circulated hailing these selfless souls thus: “They have doubled up as superheroes during the torrential monsoon and through the scorching heat. They have wiped our children’s tears and dispelled their school-going fears”. 

The initial task was, to however, meet the transport personnel and see how money could be given to them. 

“Most of them do not have bank accounts and we had to tell them to either add their names to relatives’ accounts or wait until it was safe to go to the bank and open an account. We will not be handing over cash to anyone,” a parent was quoted as saying. 

Additionally, the parents says, “These workers come from financially weak families which have been pushed further into poverty. With this, we hope to give them a helping hand. Besides, us and the other donors know where exactly the money is going”. 

It is in this way that many people have ensured that the transport staff does not stay hungry or face any sort of ignominy.