Mumbai: The residents of Amboli Hills on Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, in Mumbai, seem to be facing a complex problem. They have been barred from parking their cars in the area in front of a mosque called Bilali Masjid, which is built amidst 'illegal' shanties.

And what is even more bizarre is that the order hasn't come from the police station serving the area, Amboli police station. Rather, in a completely illegal move, it has come from the authorities of Bilali Masjid.

A resident of the area said, "This board banning parking here has just sprung up today. Usually, this space is taken up by auto rickshaws who park here."

The mosque and its authorities are notorious in the area for the fights that often break out post prayers. A few months back, a Hindu resident of the nearby slum, who was on his way home, was randomly attacked with a knife by a gang of men who had just come out after the prayers. It's not uncommon to find cops posted in the area during festivals in order to maintain peace.

Despite so many irregularities, it remains to be seen whether Mumbai Police will be taking action against this completely illegal order.