The days when becoming a star necessitated a trip to Mumbai, the city of dreams, are long gone. YouTube has become the destination for billions of people around the world in the fast-growing age of technology. A group of talented Indian content creators is fueling this development and among them is one such YouTuber, Mridul Tiwari with a fanbase of more than 7.1 million people across his channel, ‘The MriDul’.

Mridul began his journey in 2018 and reached 100k subscribers in less than a year. His first video, ‘Sister vs Girlfriend,' received 2.5 million views, and after almost a year, he achieved the feat of 178 million views on his video titled ‘School Life.’

The 20-year-old YouTube sensation, Mridul Tiwari from Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, is a rising star with most of his videos exceeding 20 million views. He has always been able to invent ideas without constraint, credit goes to his parents’ strong support for his passion. 

His channel's audience has steadily grown thanks to his relatable and humorous videos. “With everyone rushing to become a content creator, it has become very important to mandate the standard of the content,” says Mridul Tiwari on making family-friendly videos in a satirical style. “Quality is what drives traffic and interaction to my channel across all social media channels, and I make sure to uphold the expectations I've set for myself and my team,” he further added.

Mridul creates humorous, light-hearted entertaining content for teenagers and adults alike by creating videos in various dialects. He believes that content has the ability to influence and bring meaning to people's lives that will be passed on for centuries. As designers, he has an eye for finding something new or fascinating that will catch people's attention. His interests include travelling and eating a variety of foods, in addition to his YouTube obsession.

Talking about his social life, he is very active on all social media platforms and being a social media influencer, he has a large fan base with over 1 million Facebook fans and about 350K Instagram followers.

Creating content needs a team effort and he attributes his channel's performance to his entire team. The creative roles in his videos are played by Pragati, Nitin, Ujjawal and Aarav. Pragati is Mridul’s sister who is a renowned artist with over a million followers on Instagram. Rajeev Bidhuri is the mastermind behind the flawless production of all online content. The Whole team has contributed effortlessly to the success of ‘The MriDul.'