New Delhi: April 28, 2019, became an unforgettable day for Lun Tin Hao and Tin Ngai Ching when their children were found roaming around Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge early morning. The siblings, aged 3 years and 5 years respectively, had lost their way from Haolenphai village after they went out to play and ended up 3.5 km away from their village. 

Their fates intertwined with Assam Rifles when troops of Moreh Batallion deployed at Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge found them. Keenly observing the kids and sensing something wrong, the Assam Rifles troops approached them and inquired about their wellbeing, place of residence and their parents. Both the children, being too small, could not convey anything meaningful to the troops.

Meanwhile the grandfather of the kids, Jamkhopao, after realizing that the children were missing, had raised an alarm in the village. The villagers started searching in the village but could not trace the siblings. The parents, who were attending the Sunday prayers in the Church, were completely unaware of the incident.


Without wasting any time, the AR troops, part of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under IGAR(South), contacted the locals and two persons identified the children from Haolenphai village. They were provided breakfast by the troops and later reunited them with their family.
After cross-checking with the family both the children were handed over to their grandfather. Their father, Thang Kho Mang, who is a farmer and daily wage labourer were surprised when he came to know of the incident. The entire family was very happy to see the children safe and thanked Moreh Batallion Assam Rifles for the quick response.

 The day ended with happy tears in their eyes, smiles on their faces and a memorable day in the life of two siblings.