Bengaluru: India is a land that worships Mother Nature. People here look to natural remedies for their problems, for they believe Nature has the solutions for all the problems. 

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat underlined this fact as he touched upon how the world looks to India for sustenance during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He said, “The entire world is returning to the basic elements of Indian thought process to practice developmental ways while being environment friendly after being battered by coronavirus during the last six months.” 

The chief was addressing a function on the 100th birth anniversary of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh leader Dattopant Thengadi. 

On agriculture, which India thrives on, the chief stressed that it was way of worshipping goddess Lakshmi and never was it looked upon as a trade per se. 

He said, “We have seen this as a means of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of glory, not as a means of conducting trade.”

He also had a word of caution over aping western methods to improve agricultural prospects in India. 

“We have to adopt ideal agricultural practices based on experience and proven evidence. India has ten thousand years of agricultural experience, so it is not necessary to take anti-environment practices from the West.” 

Ayurvedic treatment for COVID-19

As the world still ferrets for a vaccine for COVID-19, Ayurveda or natural medicine has shown some promise in this regard.
Clinical trials in this regard have confirmed that Ayurveda can ease symptoms of the virus before the allopathic medicines.

Reports add that the Ayurvedic remedy is named “Immunofree” and “Reginmune”, made by Corival Life Sciences and Biogetica respectively. Reports also add that the results are no short of “ground-breaking”. 

Apurve Mehra, founder, Biogetica, says, "Most remedies in use for Covid-19 are repurposed anti-malaria and anti-viral drugs not made specifically for this new virus that presents itself in ways no virus ever has. We are fortunate to have gotten approval for a very specific remedy that is now showing these startling results beyond our own expectations. It is a matter of great pride for India that our ancient sciences are coming to the forefront with this new empirical evidence and showing the importance of Ayurveda in the pandemic."