Bengaluru: Hasin Jahan, the estranged wife of Indian cricketer has received rape and death threats. 

But for what? 

In the true sense of secularism, she sent out congratulatory messages to Hindus for the bhumi pujan of Ram Mandir, but she ended up becoming the target of Islamic zealots. 


So she has filed a complaint with the Kolkata cyber police. 

This is what she writes in her complaint letter. 

“This is very much unfortunate that I have been continuously harassed and abused by certain mean-minded people after I wished our Hindu brothers and sisters for the … Ram Mandir at Ayodhya on 5th August 2020. Some people are continuously threatening me for taking my life … even raping and molesting also. In this situation, I am feeling helpless and worried about my daughter’s future also. The continuous attack through all the social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter makes me jeopardised. Please help me as I am feeling insecure every moment. It this continues, I will be mentally depressed.” 

She further adds, 

“I will be highly obliged if you kindly take immediate action against this mental torture. I am feeling highly insecure as I live alone with my daughter. Now every second have become a nightmare for me.”

It is pertinent to note that Shami had faced such criticisms when he had posted pictures of his daughter’s birthday a few years ago. Islamists were angry that it was not Islamic on his part to have done such a thing and also were further vexed that her mother was not wearing a hijab. 

With such threats, we wonder how is really secular. 

A note on Ram Mandir construction: 

It was last year that the Supreme Court of India had ruled in favour of Hindus. This brought an end to the 500-year-old land litigation. A trust was formed later to oversee the temple construction. PM Narendra Modi performe bhumi pujan on August 5.