New Delhi: Narendra Modi will not only have the who's who from the political spectrum and the leaders of BIMSTEK nations attending his oath-taking ceremony on Thursday but will also have some very special guests. 

The  BJP has invited families of over 50 party workers who were killed in political violence in Bengal to attend the oath-taking ceremony of Modi.

This is a clear message to the state, which is a high stake battle for the BJP with the Assembly polls due in 2021.

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People from Purulia to Medinipur, Malda to Bankura will be on the guest list of that high profile event. In fact, not only victims of political violence during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections but also families of those who lost their lives in the Panchayat election will be present. 

It has been done at the insistence of the PMO, said sources. 

One such victim was Manu Hansda from Medinipur. His son is too invited for the 30th. He said, "My father was killed by TMC goons. We are happy that we are going to Delhi. There's peace in our area now." 

Panchayat polls in Bengal have been more bloody and violent that the Lok Sabha election with state police at the helm. According to reports, 33% of the seats went uncontested. 

The Calcutta high court in an unusual move had to allow submission of nomination through WhatsApp that reflected the on-ground situation in Bengal. The BJP, being the primary contender, had to face the maximum damage. In Purulia alone, three men who worked for the saffron party were found hanging. 

Though the BJP pointed finger at Trinamool, the ruling party dismissed the allegations. 

However, in spite of violence marring the Lok Sabha elections 2019, the poll results gave a big jolt to the Mamata Banerjee-led government in the state. The BJP won 18 seats of the 42 seats there.

Even after the election results, two BJP workers were found murdered in Bengal. 

By inviting the kins of the victims, who will probably share the same space with Banerjee herself, the BJP sent out a very powerful political message making it further difficult for the Trinamool to cope up from its loss.