A society can only survive if people can maintain a balance between Rights and Duties. Most of us care about our rights and even fight for them, but what about the duties that every person needs to fulfill as a moral and obligatory responsibility towards the society. We take our duties lightly because it talks about collective care, and are not enforceable by law, since rights are enforceable, we easily approach the law if they are denied. But the real reason for society's failure is the non fulfilment of our duties that we hold towards society. But there are some people in the country who are still working towards betterment of society and are fulfiling their duties and moral responsibility. One such person is Satara's Shridhar Dilip Ingale who has been continuously working towards a better society through his Goodwill and Hard Work.

The 22 year old businessman has made a great name for himself through his social work. Speaking about himself Shridhar says- " I believe that we all have a reason for existence, either you can be selfish or you can have a purpose to live for yourself or live for others." Shridhar contributed a major part of his earnings to welfare of COVID patients during the second wave of the pandemic. As we are all aware of the fact that the second wave completely annihilated Maharashtra as it struggled to recover itself from the damage done by pandemic. During this crucial period people like Shridhar came forward and played a major part in rehabilitation of the state. He played a major role in rebuilding parts of Shrirampur and Ahmednagar. Having such a sense of responsibility at such a young age is commendable. At a age where most of the people are busy figuring out what to do with their lives, Shridhar has already received various accolades for his social work. From arranging bed to providing food for patients Shridhar himself took care of all the necessary arrangements that were important to deal with the situation. Not only this on his every birthday he visits an orphanage to distribute gifts to kids as well. Speaking about his social work he says- " I don't consider it as a charity, I consider it as my duty and responsibility towards society that I need to fulfill in order to become a better human being. I seek happiness when I see others happy, A smile on their face is the biggest blessing I'll ever recieve". On being asked about the challenges he faces he says- " Whenever you'll do something good for others, challenges will come for sure, but it's upon you how you percieve them, either you can run away from them and stop what you are doing or you can simply face them and continue on your path, because if you are on the right path then no matter what comes in your way you'll be able to counter that."

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