Bengaluru: The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives everywhere. 

The lockdown, announced to mitigate the spread of the virus, lasted for several months. 

Owing to it, many have lost jobs, found it difficult to make ends meet. 

However, as every cloud has a silver lining, there are a few out there, who have used this period of turbulence and turmoil to start life afresh. 

For 48-year-old Ram Singh Shikhawat of Jaipur, Rajasthan, life was going on smoothly. He had been a branch manager of a media organisation for 23 long years. However, all thanks to the pandemic, he lost his job and his life became topsy-turvy. 

That is when he decided to switch his line of profession from media to dairy business. 

He says, “There were a number of job cuts in the organisation. I was one of them.”
Singh attributes the change in profession to his wife and mother.  He did face hurdles in the beginning, but within a few months, he tasted success. 
Initially, he had only one buffalo. But now, there are four. He is now forced to keep an assistant. 

Last year, if someone had spoken to him about buffaloes, he would have laughed as he had his own office. 

His advice to those who wish to change their profession. 

“Initially, I too feared starting my own business. But I persevered. Earlier, I used to be an employee. But now, I am an employer. I would urge others to give it a shot.” 

It is these buffaloes that have changed his fortunes. 

In several such related stories, many have tasted success after suffering inchoate problems. A nurse from Qatar who returned to Kerala started to grow lotus and earn profits, while a lady in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, started selling idli-sambar on the roadside during the lockdown to earn profits.