Bengaluru: Sane-thinking men and women and people with their hearts in the right place would never dare to talk ill of our soldiers. They would not even dare to endeavour to look at them with segregation of any kind. 

On the gloomy occasion of the first anniversary of the Pulwama attack, let’s a take a look at how media tried to keep its pot boiling with the flames of our martyrs’ pyres. 

1.    The Caravan’s caste analysis 

At a time when the whole of the country stood like a rock at the crisis time, The Caravan decided to do a caste analysis of the 40 martyrs. What’s worse is how the journalist Ajaz Ashraf even called up the families of the martyrs to get to know their caste at a time when she should have offered them consolations. However, the religion of Ajaz Ashraf, the same as that of the suicide bomber was hushed up. 

2.    NDTV journo’s needless calumny 

The deputy news editor of NDTV had managed to talk ill of the attack. In a Facebook post, she had said, “Where a grisly 44 has been proven to be greater than the mythical 56”. Shockingly, she had added a hashtag #HowstheJaish, a manipulation of the famous dialogue ‘How’s the Josh’ from the movie Uri: The Surgical Strike.

These two instances show how flippant and facetious media organisations can be, in their insatiable hunger to besmirch India. 

We must also that there were wanton efforts by the media to project Indian Army in a bad light. Their endeavour was to eke out compassion for the suicide bomber by ascribing inhumane attitude to the men in uniform. To put it in simple terms, they, to a great extent said that the suicide bomber was forced to take up such acts because the Indian Army ill-treated them. 

The DG-ISPR of Pakistan Asif Ghafoor even mentioned about a video in which it was alleged that the operative had been forced to take up arms as a result of maltreatment by Indian Army. 

“He was under arrest in 2017, security forces maltreated him, there is a video message by his parents as well. Please see that to realize how he was forced into a situation where he resorted to such a violent response,” he had said. 

With such divisive media, the enemy is not outside, but inside!