New Delhi: Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati may be in trouble soon as the All India Raigar Mahasabha general secretary of Chhattar Singh Rachowia has sought permission from the court to register an FIR against her.

The court will hear the case on July 31. During the hearing of the case, the court asked the petitioner to address an application to the DM of his area, which would pave the way for the state and the Centre to facilitate the case.

The petitioner complained that Mayawati had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court in which she compared herself to God. This is why an FIR must be lodged against Mayawati, the petitioner held.

Petitioner Chhatar Singh Rachhoya, while referring to the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court during the ongoing controversy on Mayawati's statue, said that Mayawati had said in her affidavit, “If Ram's idol can be made of government money, why not mine?”

Mayawati had filed that affidavit on April 2 in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on spending money on statues. She said that her statues represented the wishes of the people. Statues were constructed after an allotment of budget after adequate discussion in the state Assembly. A court cannot question the decision taken by the legislators regarding the budget, Mayawati asserted.

Based on the statement in this affidavit of Mayawati, complainant Rachhoya sought permission to file a case against her, which has been accepted by the court of Punit Nagpal, the judge of the Tees Hazari Court. It will be heard on July 31.