Bengaluru: Mata Amritanandamayi, endearingly called as ‘amma’ by her devotees worldwide, has sent rakhi greetings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. 

In a video message, she said, “This Raksha Bandhan, may our PM be protected through God’s grace, so that, through him, all Indians are protected with his actions. Even though his actions already are commendable, may God give him grace and strength to carry out his responsibilities with even more excellence.” 

The spiritual leader also wished Modi get the strength to protect India’s people. 

“At a time when there are so many crises in the country both inside and from neighbouring countries, the Prime Minister has to take the correct decisions to protect the nation. May God give him the strength to protect the people of the nation.”

In response, PM Modi tweeted, “It is my honour and privilege to work for our great nation. Blessings from you, and from India’s Nari Shakti, give me great strength. They are also vital for India’s growth and progress.” 

Some unknown facts about Raksha Bandhan

1.    Legend has it that Lord Krishna once cut his hand while flying kites. Immediately, Draupadi cut a part of her saree and tied it around the Lord’s hand. Immediately, Lord Krishna promised to protect her. And when she needed him the most, He protected her during cheer haran. 
2.     The famous poet Rabindranath Tagore used Rakhi as a tool to bridge the gap between Hindus and Muslims during the freedom struggle. Therefore, it is a myth that Rakhi is limited to Hinduism alone. 
3.    Contrary to the belief that it is only sisters tie rachis to their brothers, Lord Indra’s wife Indrani too tied a rakhi to him, just before he was to wage a war against the demons. It is only later that the festival, in its current form, was envisioned.