Times have indeed changed a lot. A year back, we did not even imagine what the world could turn into and how a global health pandemic can affect businesses, people and even our furry friends in ways more than one. Amidst so much happening, it is natural that it can have mental effects not only on humans but on animals as well. People and pets both are finding it difficult to cope up with the lockdown and the lack of ease of roaming around freely. With a lack of walks and treats for them, the pets are having behavioural problems, but following certain things can definitely help them become mentally comfortable at home, says Masoud Alhammad, who takes care of and have created a beautiful zoo for exotic animals and the one who understands that animals need as much care, love and support as humans need in life.

He is a Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai who first worked upon his garden, then converted it into a park and now has transformed the same into a zoo that consists of almost all kinds of rare and exotic animals and takes care of them like a parent. Below, he shares what as humans, we can do in the midst of these trying times to take care of our pet's mental health and wellbeing.

•    Keep them busy indoors: Play with them as much as you can and keep them busy indoors, says Masoud Alhammad. Though he mentions that an open and free environment is what they seek, for now, get engaged in indoor activities with them to keep them active and healthy.
•    Get them their beauty sleep: The least people can do as humans is to keep a minimum voice to ensure their pets get their beauty sleep as sleep deprivation can also get pets irritated. Hence, Masoud Alhammad suggests people to make sure they do everything that can give their pets enough sleep.
•    Keep away from stress: Masoud Alhammad points out that pets can also feel mentally low if they see their masters stressed. They absorb our emotions and hence, it is recommended to stay away from stress so that it doesn't reach our pets.

The Dubai policeman believes that animals and humans have connections that can never be described in words, so much so that what a person may feel and emote can also be felt by their pets immediately. He has thrived both as the Vice Chairman of the Dubai Police Committee and now as also the founder and owner of his zoo, which has further given him great name and fame. Know more about him now through his Instagram @alhammad_exotic_pet.