While addressing the nation in the 64th edition of the radio programme, Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "India's fight against Coronavirus is people-driven.”

Here are the major highlights of PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat' address:

This fight is being fought by the people and the administration together. Every citizen as a soldier is fighting this war, PM Modi said.

He added that in the middle of this pandemic, "Our farmers are working day and night in their fields to ensure that no one goes hungry. There are people who are giving up rents and there are people who are giving up their pension."  

PM Narendra Modi said he bows and respects 130 crore Indians for what they are doing during now. He added that whether it is people from aviation or railways, they are all working to make our lives easier. They are working hard to deliver medicines and other essentials to all parts of the country.

Digital platform: 
He said that a digital platform is created in the name of "covidwarriors.gov.in". Here are volunteers of social orgs, civil society and local administration connected through this platform. 1.25 crore people incling doctors, nurses, NCC cadets, etc, have joined this platform. 

Modi said, COVID-19 has changed how we view things. I am so happy to see the immense appreciation for the working of sanitation workers, our police forces. The appreciation for doctors, nurses, healthcare workers is exceptional.

Masks becoming a part of our lives:

PM Modi said that masks are becoming a part of our lives. It doesn't mean that all those wearing are sick. Masks will become a symbol of a civilised society. If you want to protect yourselves and others from the disease, the use of a mask is important.

No more spitting in public:

The habit of spitting in public should be given up now. He added that the people are becoming more aware on spitting in public and the time has come to end the habit. 

“This Ramzan, we should pray to ensure that before Eid, the world gets rid of Coronavirus. I am sure we will strengthen this fight by following orders of the local administration.”

In the 63rd episode of Mann Ki Baat, Modi had focused on the situation in the country due to COVID-19. The Prime Minister had on March 24 announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown as a precautionary measure to arrest the spread of the pandemic. The lockdown was later extended till May 3.