Bengaluru: Breaking his silence over the ban of e-cigarettes more than 10 days after its implementation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said many youths had the misconception that e-cigarettes were less harmful. 

"We all know that tobacco addiction is very harmful for human health and coming out of this addiction is also very difficult. People who consume tobacco in any form suffer problems like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, among others. The addiction for tobacco is primarily due to the presence of nicotine in it. For youth, nicotine is very harmful and can have drastic impact on mental growth," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his Mann ki Baat broadcast.

The PM also spoke about how youngsters are completely unaware of the dangers of e-cigarettes. 

"They are completely unaware of its danger and for this reason sometimes e-cigarettes sneak into the house out of sheer curiosity. Kids at times pretending to be showing some magical trick, blow smoke in the presence of Peer Company or their parents, without lighting #cigarette or striking a match to light it! And as if a magic show is going on, the family members respond with applause!"

The PM urged the youth to build a new India. 

"There is no knowledge that once the teenagers or our youth get caught in its clutches, then, slowly, they become hooked and fall prey to this noxious addiction.
I urge all of you to quit the addiction to tobacco and do not harbour any misconceptions about e-cigarettes. Come, let us all build a healthy India."

It was finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman who had announced the ban on e-cigarettes. 

Under the new law, sale, purchase, import, manufacture, storage and distribution of e-cigarettes is banned. The law awards a maximum punishment of a three-year jail term and Rs 5 lakh fine for any violation.