Bengaluru: The Association of Medical Consultants, Mangaluru has strongly stood in support of the Mangaluru police as they tried and are trying to maintain peace in the coastal town. 

In a strongly worded letter released to the media, addressing the violence unleashed in Highland Hospital on 19th of December, the releasee says it condemns any violent means of protest, including those from within Highland Hospital during the said incident, and violent attacks on a police station in the city earlier in the day, which eventually resulted in a tense situation leading to curfew. 

The press release further adds, “These misguided antisocial elements resorting to violence against the police, are often the same people who create a nuisance in the Hospital and interference in Duty of Doctors for providing medical treatment.” 

And what comes as a massive fillip to the police, the Association has appreciated the difficult task by police to maintain peace by enforcing curfew for three days from December 19. 

The presser also categorically rejects any other view on the issue by the Association as “implied otherwise”. 

Since this morning, visuals, both shocking and shameful, have emerged in which it is seen that unscrupulous elements have wilfully resorted to throwing stones at the police. There are also visuals in which a police constable is seen bleeding, yet he is persevering enough to take care of kids, at the cost of his own life. 

The protests against CAA and NRC, taking place all over the country have turned into hostility. 

Buses have been torched and railway tracks vandalised. In spite of repeated requests by PM Modi and Union home minister Narendra Modi, there is a motley crowd out there who resort to violence and target policemen themselves. 

As reiterated by the PM and the home minister, the CAA is not against any Indian citizens, including Muslims.