Bengaluru: Life offers many opportunities for people to learn. 

For Atul of Vadodara, the problem faced by his wife turned out to be a moment of learning for him. 


Almost a decade ago, when his wife suffered a heart failure, he realised that he could not shift her to the hospital in his auto as it was punctured. With a lot of difficulty, he did get her admitted to a hospital, but she had by then, suffered badly. 

That pain led to a transformation in his life. He began an ambulance service. Even to this day, he jumps to the service of people in distress. 

He says, “On January 18, 2011, my wife's health suddenly deteriorated. My auto rickshaw was punctured at that time. Then I walked for a kilometre and took a rented rickshaw to take my wife to the hospital. Today only 35 percent of my wife's heart is in a working state and she also has many diseases. Had there been timely treatment that day, this condition would not have happened today. Seeing my wife's condition, I started a free auto rickshaw ambulance,” as reported by Dainik Bhaskar. 

What moved Atul to start such an ambulance service was the sheer thought as to how other people would be put to trouble in the same situation. 

He further adds, “My wife did not get timely treatment 10 years ago, but God saved her. I got the idea that even though I had an auto and money, I had to face so many problems, then what about someone who does not have a rupee and a vehicle? So I decided to start a free auto rickshaw ambulance”. 

True to his words, even to this day, Atul is ready with his auto to help patients. Be it day or night, he doesn’t differentiate.