Bengaluru: A proactive and concerned Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going all out to educate the citizens about the preventive measures to be taken to keep Coronavirus at bay. 

He also tweeted his thoughts on the same, exhorting people not to panic but remain vigilant. 

But on the other end of the political continuum, there are leaders like West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee who ridicule such efforts and correlate entirely disjointed developments. 

The WB CM today tried to join the Coronavirus outbreak with the Delhi riots. 

In this regard, she said, "Today some people are shouting corona, corona [coronavirus] a bit too much. Yes it is a dreaded disease but don’t create panic some channels are hyping it to suppress the Delhi incident do report when it occurs we don’t want it to spread but do remember all those who died in Delhi, did not die of coronavirus."

She further added, "If they had died of the virus we would have at least known they died due to a dreaded disease but healthy people were mercilessly killed. They [BJP] did not even apologise. Think of the arrogance. They are saying Goli Maro, let me warn them Bengal and UP is not same."

Her remarks come as a sad commentary on the phenomenal steps the government is taking in order curb the spread of the virus. 

In spite of the measures taken, as many as 29 Coronavirus cases have been reported in the country. 

The government has announced that screening of all incoming foreigners wold be taken up at airports and if found positive, would be quarantined. 

A disease or illness is a bad development that we all need to combat apolitically. But what’s worse is the attitude of politicians like Mamata Banerjee which can’t be treated with medicines. 

It’s a malaise that we need to guard ourselves against.