Bengaluru: Here’s an inspiring story of a village which stands as a role model for all other villages. 

Patoda is a small village in Maharashtra. In this village, every family pays tax sincerely. 


So to reward such honest taxpayers, every family here, this Diwali, got 25kgs of sugar at the rate of Rs 20 per kg. Villagers are being given wheat, mineral water and hot water as well to bathe. 

The village is 12 km from Aurangabad city. The idea of giving sugar for half the price is by former sarpanch Bhaskar Pere. 

It is interesting to note that villagers are not used to taking advantage of free facilities beforehand. The year-round tax is paid at the beginning of April, with 70% and 30% tax paid in June. The village has 750 families and a total population of 1654. About 30 lakh rupees tax is deposited in a year. A family has to pay tax of at least 4 thousand rupees, notes Dainik Bhaskar. 

The larger the house, the more tax is levied. Tax is collected without hesitation. Environment Village Samriddhi Yojana produces twice as many fruits as the population. Not only this, the school also has e-learning facilities.

It is heartening to note that the village has also received the President’s Award. It is also interesting to note that every family here is a bank account. The panchayat office is completely air-conditioned. 

The villagers celebrate festivals like Ganesh Utsav publicly. Children are given free milk and CCTVs are fixed in the entire village. 

It is villages like these that earn a whole lot of respect from all of us. Paying tax sincerely helps improve the society as a whole, as also instil a sense of responsibility.