Bengaluru: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Chandrayaan-2, saying he was using it to divert real issues. 

He said, "When youth will say we do not have jobs, they (Centre) will say see the moon (Chandrayan). ISRO was established by Congress. The rocket was not built in 2 days. This is a good thing, but sending rockets to the moon will not feed the stomach of people. In the media, you will find Modi Ji in (Jim) Corbett park or Moon, China, Japan, Korea. They (Centre) are distracting us. That’s why they will talk about Kashmir, Moon etc but will not talk about the real issues."

Rahul also took a dig at the demonetisation issue. 

He said, "Did you see any riches in the queue of demonetization? Modi Ji has not spared any small and middle businessman from Demonstration and GST. They (Centre) has decimated the Indian economy. The work which was done by years of hard work has been decimated. For Maharashtra elections, Congress candidates will not speak about Moon. But they will make 2-3 promises which they will keep. So please vote for them.” 

While Rahul targeted Chandrayaan-2, the BJP mocked him over all the scams that took place during UPA 1&2. 

Vivek Reddy, a BJP spokesperson said, “What a statement from a man who presided over the biggest scams in the history of India during UPA 1 and 2. Be it 2G, CWG or the coal scam, the list is literally endless. Was he thinking of the poor when these scams took place? This is how they serve the poor.” 

Maharashtra will be going for polls on October 21 and the results will be out on October 24. The state assembly has a strength of 288 seats. These elections will be the first elections after Modi’s triumphant return as the Prime Minister for the second term.