Mumbai: Union minister Smriti Irani arrived in Mumbai earlier today to cast her vote in the Maharashtra Assembly elections. 

As she cast her vote and was on her way back, she dashed into a 93-year-old who had come all the way, in spite of the age-related issues, to exercise his franchise. 

The 93-year-old is an ex-army man. She had come all the way from Amethi to cast her vote and returned after doing the needful. 

On the occasion, she said, “A 90-year-old man had come to cast his vote. To those who have not come to vote, I would ask them as to why they can’t come when a 93-year-old ex-army man can home in spite of his advanced age. I want people to exercise their rights.” 

She also added, “When BJP took power last time, a new era was born. I want to congratulate Devendra bhai in an advance manner as I know he will emerge victorious.” 

Smriti Irani is now a resident of Amethi. In fact, she could he heard saying she wanted to return to Amethi immediately after casting her vote. 

Polling is underway in both Maharashtra and Haryana today (October 21). The results will be out on October 24. 

While Maharashtra has a seat tally of 288, Haryana has a seat tally of 90.

In both the states, it is the BJP that is ruling. So it is seeking a second term. 

These elections are of prime importance as they happen to be the first elections after PM Narendra Modi returned to power in May earlier this year. 

This will be seen as a mandate for the BJP with abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A done in August this year. 

The Congress which has a very weak presence this time, will be hoping against hope for a revival in fortunes.