Bengaluru: At a time when the nation should stand as one during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, a person from Nashik has released an objectionable video on TikTok. 

As the video went viral, the police swung into action and arrested the accused as per sections 153 and 188 of the IPC, as reported by Times of India. 

The website added that the person in question used currency notes and used them to wipe his mouth and nose and made comments that could hurt religious sentiments. 

“The cybercrime police swung into action and traced the location from where the post was made. The man was arrested on Thursday,” the website quoted an officer as saying. 

It's also reported that he said "Coronavirus was Allah's punishment for you."


More on the lockdown:

It was on March 24 that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown to curb and curtail the spread of the virus.

He also urged the people not to panic and assured that the supply of essential items would not be compromised with.

Health ministry had sought more cooperation from people for better success of the lockdown. 

A Union home ministry said, "Challenge is to understand that if the government is trying to act proactively towards managing the situation, we request that all the technical guidelines be implemented.

If we miss one case, the threat will not be accountable by any model. This is a challenge for all of us today.”

Underlining the importance of social distancing yet again, the spokesperson had said, "Those practising social distancing is doing this for himself, his society and his family.”

Earlier today, the PM in his video message, urged the people of the country to  light a diya or a light on April 5 at 9pm for 9 minutes as a measure to show unity.