The Supreme Court in an interim order has directed that a floor test must be held in Maharashtra tomorrow, November 27. The floor test is being held to determine whether the BJP along with Ajit Pawar have the numbers to form the government in the state. The court issued several directives on the floor test. Let us take a look at what they are:

The SC order in a nut-shell:

The floor test shall be conducted on November 27.

The proceedings of the House shall be conducted through an open ballot.

A pro-tem Speaker should be appointed immediately to conduct the floor test. He will administer oath to all members.

The oath shall be administered by 5 pm, following which the floor test will take place.

The floor test should be telecast live.

The numbers in Maharashtra:

The total strength of the House is 288 and the magic number stands at 145. 

The BJP has 105 MLAs on its own. With the support of 15 independent MLAs, the BJP’s number stands at 120.

For the BJP to win the trust vote, it would need the support of at least 25 NCP MLAs.

The NCP has 54 MLAs, while the Shiv Sena and Congress have 56 and 44 respectively.