Bengaluru: Here’s an inspiring story on how an aged man dares to do something unusual. 

Meet this 87-year old homeopathic doctor in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. 


So what is so special about him? 

Well daily, he travels barefoot on his bicycle for a distance of 10km to deliver medicine to the poor in his village. 

Incidentally, this old man has been travelling to the interiors of his village for the same purpose for the last sixty years. 
Today, as the nation fights the pandemic, it is selfless souls like this old man who are the real heroes. With no desire for name or fame, he has plunged headlong into serving the society. 

It is happy to note that India is registering fewer cases, but it is no licence to relax. 

In his message to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the citizens to be cautious and stressed on the fact that prevention is the only way to keep the virus at bay. 

Washing hands frequently, wearing masks regularly, stepping out only if necessary and maintaining social distancing are the available ways to ensure none contracts the virus. 

But it is rather depressing to note that people have resumed their daily chores, throwing these safety measures to the winds. 
Crowding up, a show of seeming bravado by not wearing masks are some common features exhibited by the public. 

It is very important to note that till such time vaccine arrives, the best way not to contract the virus is to follow these simple steps.