Madurai: A special dish named 'Kumbakonam Iyer Chicken', served in a Tamil Nadu hotel, sparked controversy. Milagu, a hotel in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, had advertised their special dish ‘Kumbakonam Iyer Chicken’, which enraged the Brahmin associations and other Hindu groups.

Hindu organisations, including Brahmin outfits, hit the streets and staged protests raising their voice against naming the meat dish in relation to their caste ‘Iyer’, who, according to principles are pure vegetarians. Many people thronged to the hotel and had a verbal fight with the hotel staff. As the hotel authorities failed to handle the situation, they called up the police. Soon, the cops rushed to the spot and controlled the situation. In social media too, there were campaigns posted in protest.

Following the protests staged by Brahmin groups, the hotel authorities have now apologised and said that they would remove the ads and remove the name of the dish. “After Brahmin community representatives met us and raised serious objection to the name of Kumbakonam Iyer Chicken, we apologised for it. We will remove the ads from social media and are also doing away with the name,” the statement read.

Reports also said that the advertisement poster of the dish had accidentally typed ‘Iyer’ in place of ‘Fried’.