Bengaluru: A gigantic will combined with pragmatism can help you scale mountains. 

A nurse from Madhya Pradesh, who lost one of her lungs in an accident in her childhood, has successfully battled covid-19. 

The nurse in question, Prafullit Peter - 39 years of age – works in Tikamgarh Civil Hospital. 

As she caught the infection, many were not sanguine about her chances. But with her sheer grit and determination, the nurse reached the shores of safety after isolating herself at home for 14 days. 

So how did she win the battle? 

Well, as per India Today, she did regular yoga asanas, pranayama, breathing exercises and also inflated balloons to keep her lungs strong. 

Incidentally, she has also got both her jabs. 

Such inspirational stories give us a lot of confidence during these times of despair and despondency. 

Earlier today, there were news reports that two centenarians – freedom fighter Doreswamy, aged 103 and Ramanand, aged 110 – successfully beat the virus. 

In both cases, the senior citizens got themselves admitted to hospitals and followed the doctor’s advice meticulously, thereby returning home as true heroes. 

In another case, a 72-year-old woman from Ahmedabad battled not only covid, but also cancer. In her own words, “I had heard about the extreme effects of coronavirus but I wasn’t scared at all. During my stay in the hospital I kept chanting God’s name and kept telling myself that I will be back with my family soon. I beat cancer and coronavirus within a year”. 

It is such stories of grit and perseverance that instil a lot of confidence in the ongoing unprecedented pandemic.