Giving a boost to the government ambitious 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' initiative, Tiruchirappalli-based Ordnance Factory has launched a 40x46 mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) for Trichy Assault Rifle. Developed through in-house research and development, UBGL can be attached to the assault rifle used by the Central Reserve Police Force and state police. 

The UBGL is compatible with in-service AK-47 rifles also to launch high explosive grenades at enemy targets. It ranges to 400 meters and weighs about 1.6 Kg.
The Under Barrel Grenade Launcher is a single shot, breech-loaded launcher intended for increasing the firepower drastically by using a variety of grenades.
In a company statement, the soldier will have an option to fire both TAR/AK-47 bullets and explosive grenades to stop and destroy enemy troops. 

This launcher is handy in combat missions and counter-terrorist operations for infantry, special force, law enforcement and jungle warfare operations. The launcher can be easily attached to the rifle in less than a minute.

Previously, the Ordnance Factory had launched TriCa, which is a mini model of the TAR. The weapon launched on the carbine platform weighs 3.17 kg and is lighter than the assault rifles. The compact weapon is designed for the crew involved in infantry fight autos, helicopters, paratroopers, state police drives and particular operation forces.