Lucknow: In a rare incident, a man who was declared dead rose to life, but authorities, once again declared him dead when they returned to the hospital with his body.

Sanjaj, 28, a resident of lat, Ameenabad was ill. He was taken to a clinic where doctors said that he was suffering from jaundice. He was treated for five days. After he did not respond to treatment, he was admitted in a private hospital on Saturday (July 13).

But he did not respond to the treatment at the private hospital wither and was declared dead on Sunday at 6am. His mortal remains were taken back to his house.

His family waited for the arrival of other relatives to perform the final rites and neighbours had thronged the house.

According to eyewitnesses, around 10 am, there was movement in the body. Sanjay opened his eyes and gestured that he was thirsty. Initially scared, family members made him drink a cup of water. Then, it was as if Sanjay went back to sleep, they said.

The family members rushed him to Balrampur hospital and reached there at 11:10 am. But after checking thoroughly, the doctors once again declared him dead.