New Delhi: Jadavpur witnessed a clash between popular actress Mimi Chakrabarty who was fielded by TMC and TMC turncoat Anupam Hazra who was BJP's best bet in south Kolkata. The seat holds all the more important because it was the first Lok Sabha seat from which Mamata Banerjee fought. 

The seat also saw its fair share of controversies when Mimi was seen shaking hands with her electorate from inside the car and of course, wearing gloves. That act had not only given fodder to the opposition to question her ‘elitist’ nature, but also leaving her party red-faced. A party that prides itself as ‘ma, mati, manush’ (mother, earth, people).

In a photo widely circulated on social media the TMC candidate from Jadavpur, Mimi was seen wearing yellow gloves in both her hands. She was caught on camera shaking hands with people from her constituency. The photos showed the actress turned politician in a white cap which read, “I’m busy” and black aviator glasses.

Even on the day of the election, a video was circulated where she was seen holding a roadshow and waving to people, a complete violation of the model code of conduct. However, later she denied holding any road show.