Bengaluru: The ministry of home affairs has issued a set of fresh guidelines to be followed during the second phase of the lockdown. There are several restrictions imposed on travel, opening of educational institutes while agricultural activities have been allowed. We have given the list. 

As the Prime Minister informed the country yesterday, the second phase of the lockdown will go on till May 3. 

But he also assured that he would look into the lockdown instructions on April 20 and relax them if things settle down. 

And today, the ministry of home affairs issued a fresh set of guidelines or advisories for citizens to follow during the lockdown. 

These guidelines, as issued by the home affairs, are supposed to be followed in order to consolidate on the gains earned during the first phase of the lockdown and to further stop the spread of the virus. At the same time, these guidelines will give some relief to the labour class, farmers and daily wage earners. 

What will not be functional

All domestic and international flights. 
2.     All passenger trains. 
3.    Buses/metro services. 
4.    No taxis. 
5.    All educational institutes. 
6.    All cinema halls/malls. 
7.    No religious gatherings. 
8.    No political or social gatherings. 
10. Not more than 20 people at funerals. 

Those are the services that have been forbidden. 

Now let’s take a look at services that are permitted. 

What will be functional: 

1.    Agriculture and related activities (like farming, procurement of produce, mandis). 
2.    Manufacture and distribution of fertilisers. 
3.    Fisheries. 
4.    Operation of tea/coffee/rubber plantations with maximum of 50% workers. 
5.    Animal husbandry (milk production etc) 
6.    Print and electronic media. 
7.    IT and IT-enabled services. 
8.    E-commerce services. 
9.    Courier services. 
10.    Health sector. 
11.    Goods traffic. 

It is to be noted that the ministry of home affairs has meticulously drafted these guidelines, keeping in mind that none faces ay hardships.
It is to be further noted that the ministry has facilitated farming so that the rural population and daily wagers are not put to any hardship and are able to earn their bread.  

By the way, when it comes to containment zones and hotspots, whatever is permitted shall cease. The states and Union territories shall identify these hotspots and containment zones as elucidated by the ministry of health. 

As said, till April 20, there will be a strict enforcement of these guidelines. And on 20th, PM Modi will take a call on the relaxation so as to ease burden and kickstart economy. 

And as the guidelines are issued, on our part, what we can do is to follow them to the best of our ability. 

Let’s continue to maintain social distancing if we are forced to step out. Let’s also not forget to wear masks and cooperate with the policemen in discharging their duties. 

And as the PM appealed yesterday, let’s also follow the seven mantras he spelt out. Let’s help our senior citizens and give food to the poor. 

Let’s make the society a better place to live in.