Bengaluru: Hard work really pays, doesn’t it? 

A tea seller from Delhi stands testimony to it. 

For 40-year-old Mahendra Verma, life was going on smoothly. But just like others, he too faced a lot of difficulties owing to the lockdown. 

But he did not give up. Using this as an opportunity, he graduated selling tea on foot to selling tea on bicycle. 

Today, he has increased his earnings to a decent Rs 40,000 a month. 
At the same time, he has also expanded the variety of tea he sells. He now sells lemon tea, masala tea and even coffee. 

Like an astute businessman, Mahendra knows the nuances of tea trade. He prices his products cleverly, so that it is affordable to all and reaches a wide spectrum of people. 

So a lemon tea would not cost the consumer more than Rs 5, a masala tea would also sell at the same price. 

He is of the firm opinion that by selling it at a lesser price, one attracts more consumers. 

Mahendra is indeed proud of what he is doing. He says, “There were problems in the beginning, but as the cold grew, my work grew. Now I have taken a loan of 50 thousand from this income and am thinking of increasing my work. Five more people were trained to sell tea, but none did it. This is very challenging work. It takes a lot of hard work. My old bicycle is now a moving shop, with several thermos in a tray on the carrier behind. They have different types of tea and coffee. People are seeing that I am selling tea, but I feel that I am doing world class business.” 

With this, he is able to sustain a family of 5 people. 

Indeed, where there is a will, there is a way!