Bengaluru: In a rather strange and perhaps shocking report, it has come to light that the Reserve Bank of India has spent more on former Governor Raghuram Rajan’s household transport than on his salary. 

The news report appeared on Sunday Guardian. 

An RTI was filed in this regard for which the report detailed these facts. 

A popular website, which quoted the Sunday Guardian, said that Rajan cost the RBI ₹61.2 lakhs in salaries and a whopping ₹71 lakhs in the transportation of his household goods from Chicago in Illinois to Mumbai in Maharashtra and back. 

It is also reported that an expenditure of ₹2,226,416 was incurred on shifting his stuff from Chicago to Mumbai alone, another ₹4,941,253 was incurred on transporting his goods back to the US from India. There is no specific rule that determines how the household goods of the Governor be transported to India from other parts of the world.  

A note of gifts received by Raghuram Rajan: 

Sunday Guardian said that the RBI also gifted five paintings to Rajan as a farewell gift. As per rules, it noted that the outgoing Governor is entitled to farewell gifts to the value of Rs 50,000.

Responding to The Sunday Guardian’s queries, the RBI stated: “There was no demand made by Dr Rajan in lieu of a gift of the amount of Rs 50,000. However, as indicated by him, old paintings—four by Govind Dumbre and one by Gopal Adiverkar—from the Governor’s bungalow were gifted to him in lieu of a corporate gift.”

The painting by Dumbre measured 15×15, while the one by Adivekar measured 16×20. The price of the painting, which has been quoted by the RBI in its reply, is Rs 10,000 per piece. However, online platforms specialising in selling paintings, were selling Dumbre’s painting for more than Rs 1 lakh per piece.

The RBI also spent Rs 13,474 on fitting an air conditioner in the bathroom of the Governor House when Rajan was in office.