Bengaluru: For Akashdeep, hailing from Udaipur of Rajasthan, life is now a bed of roses. 

He runs a nursery with myriad varieties of plants. However, earlier in his life, he struggled to the hilt to set it up. 

Akashdeep’s family’s financial condition was not good. He finished his B.Com and got a job with a decent salary. But he certainly was not satisfied. 

That is when he decided to start a nursery. He had read about the nursery business and was very eager. However, he had no practical knowledge about it. 

In spite of it, he jumped into it. And as expected, it was full of challenges. He purchased some plants and brought them to his nursery. 

But he was unable to take care of them as he was found wanting in knowledge. As a result, he had to suffer huge losses. 

Though it has to be reiterated that the losses were huge, he did not allow the losses to ruin his life. 

In fact, his resolve to run the nursery more successfully only became stronger. 

He began taking formal classes in nursery. He travelled to places like Noida and Bengaluru to learn the tricks of the trade from veterans. 

After he returned and implemented what he had learnt, he began seeing progress. 
With his ability to grow plants well, he saw demand grow. He took up delivering plants door-to-door. 

People were impressed with his skills and began placing more orders. 

Akashdeep is of the firm opinion that one should understand the nitty-gritty of any trade before one endeavours to take it up. 

Today, as he enjoys profits in lakhs, he ensures he has eliminated middlemen. He is in talks with plant growers directly. This also helps them a great deal. 

In his nursery, along with plants, he also keeps fertilisers, pots among other things. 

This way, his business improves further and customers get to shop more things under one roof.