Bengaluru: Amulya Patnaik, the police commissioner of New Delhi has been served a notice by an advocate of the Supreme Court. 

The notice comes in the wake of the commissioner not taking any action against those cops and even officials who were protesting at police headquarters on Tuesday. 

In the notice, the lawyer seeks immediate action against all the police personnel and officials who staged demonstration yesterday (Tuesday), saying that their action was in clear contravention to the rules meant for police forces.

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Here is an extract: 

"This legal notice is being served upon you for not taking any action against the Delhi Police forces and their officials, who actively participated in the demonstration on November 5 since 11 am in front of Police Headquarters, ITO. They also address the Media for their demands and create fears in the lawyers and in the civil society. The Delhi police and their higher officials also address to the National media whole day and give a derogatory statement for the advocates. 

On Tuesday, as hundreds of cops hit the streets, the police commissioner rushed to the spot and tried his best to pacify the aggrieved. But the cops refused to pay heed and continued to protest. In fact, as it was widely reported, the agitating cops wanted someone as able as former cop Kiran Bedi in his place. They also shouted slogans that their seniors were not doing enough to protect their interests. 

All hell broke loose on November 2 when a policeman and a lawyer got into a heated argument over parking. As the tension escalated, fellow members of both the communities joined the melee, worsening the situation. 

Ultimately, the lieutenant governor had to step in and console both the parties, saying there has to be harmony between the two.