Bengaluru: As Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy is continuing his naturopathy treatment, there are doubts about his continuation as CM. With him having undergone a heart operation last year (just before MLA elections) and Congress leader Siddaramaiah expressing desire to become the chief minister again, it looks like there could be a change in guard in Karnataka and Siddaramaiah could become CM again and Kumaraswamy's elder brother HD Revanna could become his deputy.

The bonding between Siddaramaiah and Revanna is good. Revanna had even hosted Siddaramaiah for lunch at his house during the election campaign in favour of Revanna's son Prajwal Revanna, could all be a pre-decided event.

The BJP is however not interested in seeing either HD Kumaraswamy heading the government nor will it welcome Siddaramaiah to take the baton.

"I agree that HD Kumaraswamy has some health issues but we are not interested in knowing who will be the CM from coalition, all we can say is after the Lok Sabha results on May 23, the government will collapse," said S Prakash, BJP spokesperson.

However, both the JD(S) and the Congress leaders are hopeful of not only the survival of the coalition, but also continuation of Kumaraswamy as chief minister.

"CM has gone to take body massage, head massage and other forms of treatment post-election as he had travelled a lot. He is undergoing naturopathy treatment in Udupi. The treatment is for mental and physical rejuvenation," said Campaign Committee Chairman, JD(S), YSV Datta, and added that there will not be any change in leadership with regard to chief minister's post.

Echoing similar sentiments, Congress spokesperson, Kengal Shreepadarenu opined that the theory of 'change' in leadership and Kumaraswamy not holding he CM post is nothing but a “BJP conspiracy”.

"We did not question when Manohar Parrikar was in hospital for too long and the same with Arun Jaitley who had gone abroad for treatment. These positions are also equally important, when they did not think of a “change” why should we?" asked Shreepadarenu.

Although the leaders have denied such changes, but the timing of Siddaramaiah's comment about his becoming CM again, giving freebies like 10 kg of rice and getting close and personal with HD Revanna, sources say, this change had been decided due to Kumaraswamy's health. As Revanna shares a good equation with Siddaramaiah and the Congress having more number of legislators, there could be a change in leadership. "As Siddaramaiah has better control over Congress’s legislators and equal support from JD(S) MLAs, he will be made the CM and Revanna as his deputy," said the source.