Kollam: Gokul Sreedar wrote a heartfelt Facebook post about his mother's second marriage, which went viral on social media. Gokul took to Facebook post to pen this heart-warming message where he also questioned why society refuses to accept women's choices, but chooses to judge them. 

Gokul is a native of Kollam, Kerala. In his Facebook post, he wished his mother a happy married life while elaborating on why his mother had to divorce his father. He spoke of how his father was a wife-beater while narrating the extent to which his mother suffered injuries. 

Gokul also added that he still remembers his mother telling him about her will to suffer the abuse just for her son. Gokul, on the same day, took his mother from that house and wished to give her the right life partner. 

This noble saviour then said his mother had sacrificed a large part of her life for him. He also added that with this new lease of life, he wants to ensure his mother achieve all her dreams. 

The post reads, "It is my mother's marriage and I thought about writing this note. People cannot still accept the concept of a second marriage and those with suspicion and hatred need not come here. And even if u criticise, I will remain unaffected." 

This Facebook post has garnered 3.2k shares and 29k reactions until now.